GlitchSecure raises pre-seed funding

GlitchSecure raises pre-seed funding to expand our real-time security testing tool for apps, APIs

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GlitchSecure raises pre-seed funding

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SaaS firm joins TinySeed to accelerate its security platform that provides vulnerability assessments and remediation guidance for businesses of all sizes

WINNIPEG, CANADA, March 30, 2023 – GlitchSecure, a company that offers businesses real-time, continuous security testing, announced today that it raised initial pre-seed funding from the TinySeed accelerator program.

The funding and TinySeed’s collaborative network will help GlitchSecure in its mission to help secure more online businesses and lower the barrier to entry for high-quality security testing.

“Joining TinySeed gives us access to mentorship, advice, and community among a growing list of successful software companies,” said Jade Null, founder of GlitchSecure. “The demand for security testing is continually increasing as companies continue to expand their digital presence. By standardizing and automating security testing, GlitchSecure is able to help secure far more businesses than a traditional security consultancy might.”

Traditionally, companies rely on annual point-in-time “pentests,” or penetration tests, to identify security vulnerabilities in their applications, APIs, and networks. That method, however, can allow for more vulnerabilities and costly problems.

GlitchSecure instead uses a continuous testing approach that combines expert-driven pentesting with year-round vulnerability assessments and remediation advice.

Using GlitchSecure’s approach can save companies thousands of dollars on their annual pentests as well as mitigate the potential of fines and reputational damage from security breaches. The platform uses a hybrid approach that combines testing processes built by expert hackers, a real-time reporting dashboard, expert advice, and automated security testing.

With GlitchSecure, organizations can also view technical details, triage reports, schedule remediation testing, and integrated security automation into their secure development lifecycle.

“GlitchSecure is addressing a critical need by providing continuous security testing that helps businesses stay ahead of evolving threats,” said Rob Walling, General Partner at TinySeed. “We’re excited to see their platform help businesses navigate the complexities of software and online security.”

Null launched GlitchSecure after they developed a passion for securing the web and was limited within the framework of traditional security consultancies. GlitchSecure helps more companies access world-class security tools that can thwart costly hacking incidents.

“With our approach, we’ll be able to help lower the barrier to entry for high-quality security testing and ultimately make the web a safer place,” Null said. “By using the same tools and techniques as malicious hackers, we can help identify and remediate security issues before they are exploited.”

About GlitchSecure: Founded in 2022 by Jade Null, GlitchSecure provides real-time, continuous security testing to help organizations identify and remediate vulnerabilities in their applications, APIs, and networks.

About TinySeed: TinySeed is an early-stage investment fund and remote accelerator program that has invested in more than 90 fast-growing, B2B SaaS companies. Jade Null GlitchSecure +1 647-370-1337 [email protected]

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