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We're more than meets the eye. A passionate collective of security researchers, (ethical) hackers, and developers on a mission to help you secure the web.

About GlitchSecure

GlitchSecure is a bootstrapped cybersecurity startup that helps companies find and remediate software vulnerabilities through a continuous security testing platform. We keep SaaS and software companies secure through automated application security testing and hacker driven verification and remediation.

GlitchWitch Security

Having been hacking for over a decade prior, Jade formalised their security research and penetration testing under the GlitchWitch persona.

GlitchSecure Launched

Building on the past years of experience in cybersecurity and software development, the GlitchSecure platform was launched.

Backed By TinySeed

Staying true to our origins, we joined hundreds of other ambitious bootstrapped founders as part of the TinySeed accelerator.

We keep hacking

Top software companies have come to rely on GlitchSecure's offensive security capabilities, ensuring they have hackers on their side.

Founded and lead by

  • A pixelated photo of Jade

    Jade Null [GlitchWitch] (They/Them)

    Hacker & Developer

    Jade, widely known as GlitchWitch, is a highly skilled and passionate hacker with a deep technical background. They are constantly pushing the boundaries to improve web security and develop cutting-edge security automations.

  • A pixelated photo of Aaron

    Aaron Rasmussen (He/Him)

    Operations & Strategy

    Aaron is a seasoned founder with a proven track record of growing and building successful B2B SaaS companies. Collaborating with customers on difficult business challenges is what keeps his brain ticking.

Driven by a hacker collective

We can't do it alone... That's why we've assembled a team of highly skilled experts who are passionate about continually developing new technology and processes through a hacker's perspective while delivering the best results through our craft.

  • Gavin / He/Him


  • Adam / He/Him


  • Brad / He/Him

    Technical Writer

  • Dirk / He/They


  • Marko / He/Him


  • We're hiring!

    This could be you!

With decades of collective experience writing and securing software, we continually deliver our clients confidence and piece of mind through offensive security testing, pentest automation, and expert insights.


“I'm incredibly happy with the team and how responsive they are. They guided us whenever we got stuck and were helpful with suggested approaches to remediation.”

Josh Nisenson
Josh Nisenson
CTO, Sketchy

“What I appreciated most is GlitchSecure’s human-powered, comprehensive testing approach which ensures no vulnerabilities go unnoticed, paired with their remarkable agility and responsiveness.”

Milan Dordevic
Milan Dordevic
VP, Proctorio

“The GlitchSecure team was very thorough and deeply knowledgable about security. They were wonderful to work with and really went above and beyond for us.”

Michael Caslowitz
Michael Caslowitz
Co-Founder, Reftab

“Jade and team were clear, helpful, and competent. The tool to track remediation is a feature that is wildly better than the typical badly formatted PDF we've seen in the past.”

Andy Croll
Andy Croll
CTO, CoverageBook

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