Meet Your Dedicated Security Partner

We're more than meets the eye. A passionate collective of security researchers, (ethical) hackers, and developers on a mission to help you secure the web.

People driven. Technology powered.

We're not another faceless SaaS. We believe the only way to truly deliver high quality security testing is by continually developing new technology and processes through a hacker's perspective. We're highly skilled experts in our field and are passionate about delivering the best results through our craft.

A proven track record.

With decades of collective experience writing and securing software, we have proven we have what it takes and continually deliver high quality results through offensive security testing, pentest automation, and expert driven insights.

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Meet the collective

GlitchSecure is built by a bootstrapped team of humans, hackers, developers, and thinkers.

We're highly skilled experts in our field and are passionate about delivering the best results through our craft.

  • Jade Null / They/Them / Canada

    Founder / Security Researcher / Developer

    @GlitchWitch / OSCP

    Jade is an IT and Information Security professional with both a strong technical background and a history of technical leadership. They are deeply passionate about securing the web and are dedicated to building a company that puts the very people who help grow it first.

    They can't do it all alone, so they've assembled a hand selected team of experts who are equally passionate and skilled to help further this mission.

  • Travis / He/Him / United States

    Freelance Security Researcher

    @McCormackCyber / OSCP / Security+

    Travis has over a decade of experience in IT with a focus on security. He has performed hundreds of web application and API pentests in many verticals and of varying complexities.

  • Marko / He/Him / Serbia

    Freelance Security Researcher / Developer

    @ExAndroidDev / OSCP / CRTO / Pentest+

    Marko is an experienced web, mobile, and infrastructure penetration tester having obtained is OSCP in 2019. Red teaming enthusiast and CTF player with a background in android development.

  • payloadartist / He/Him / India

    Freelance Security Researcher


    An application security aficionado and avid contributor to the security community. He has a strong background in application security with over 5 years of experience in the cybersecurity domain.

  • Joshua / He/Him / Canada

    Freelance Full Stack Developer


    Joshua is an experienced Full Stack Developer. He has a long history of growing startups and just can’t stop building things

  • We're hiring! / You/Yours / Remote

    Wearer of Hats / Developer / Writer / Hacker


    Passionate about security? Looking for a role that grows with you? Help shape the future of a new cyber security startup by joining a unique and diverse team in their mission to secure the web. Contact Us

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I worked with GlitchWitch as part of Assembly's first PenTest. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them. The test deeply covered all the required aspects and communication was stellar. Would definitely recommend GlitchWitch.

Fernando Martin
Fernando Martin
VP of Engineering, Assembly.

It was a pleasure to work with GlitchWitch and their team. They were thorough, detailed in their report and supplied insightful recommendations. They also promptly answered our questions and tested our remediations measure just as quickly. Working with them was a very positive experience overall.

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