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Meet the founder

  • Jade Null / They/Them

    Founder / Principal Security Consultant / Developer

    Jade is an Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) with both a strong technical background and a history of technical leadership. They are deeply passionate about securing the web and are dedicated to building a company that puts the very people who help grow it first.
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Backed byTinySeed


Jade and team were clear, helpful, and competent throughout the onboarding and during the initial penetration tests. The tool to track remediation is a feature that is wildly better than the typical "badly formatted PDF" we've seen in the past.

Andy Croll
Andy Croll
CTO, CoverageBook.

An incredible experience from start to finish. Setup was easy, the team were a joy to work with and the findings / output of the report was easy to understand and navigate.