Real-time Continuous Security Testing

Identify and remediate vulnerabilities with continuous security testing and real-time penetration testing.
Hackers don't stop testing. Neither should you.

Securing top software companies

From Fintech to Edutech and everything in-between.
SaaS companies rely on GlitchSecure's offensive security capabilities, ensuring they have hackers on their side.

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A proven track record

With decades of collective experience writing and securing software, we continually deliver our clients confidence and piece of mind through offensive security testing, pentest automation, and expert insights.

VAPTs Performed
Vulnerabilities Discovered
Companies Hacked

Real-time & Continuous

A unique approach to offensive appsec.

Continuous Security Testing
Automated application security testing, ongoing security advice, and results verified by expert hackers to reduce false positives.

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Real-time Penetration Testing
Work with a dedicated team of security experts, available on-demand for targeted and in-depth penetration testing.

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Continuous security testing.

Malicious hackers are constantly checking your products and infrastructure for flaws, you should too. Go beyond a point in time annual pentest with continuous security testing.

Continuous security testing

Get notified instantly of vulnerabilities before attackers find them.
Verified by expert hackers

Cut through the noise and get verified vulnerability reports to help you prioritise and fix issues sooner without the fluff.
The best tools consolidated

Save money and get the best results with security testing powered by the top open source and commercial DAST scanners.
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Hacker-powered penetration testing.

Get an in-depth look at your entire application, API, or network through a human-powered full-scope penetration test. Our team of experienced hackers work collaboratively with you to identify and exploit vulnerabilities, delivering results in real-time.

Real-time results

No need to wait for the final PDF report! View vulnerabilities as soon as they are found and start fixing them today.
Ongoing security advice

Extend your existing development and infrastructure teams with expert hackers on your side.
Year-round remediation testing

All findings include tailored remediation advice and real-time support. Whether it's hours or months, patches are validated year-round.
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Ready to get hacked? Get expert hackers on your side. Learn how we can start improving your security posture together.