Simple Transparent VAPT Pricing

Our credit based pricing system enables you to plan and launch security testing that is tailored to your exact scope and coverage needs throughout the year.

What is a security testing credit?

A credit is a standardised flat-rate unit of work. Credits are used to consistently scope assessments and are sold in annual packages that include unlimited access to our platform and free remediation testing.

$3,300 /yr
Per Credit

What's included

  • Automated vulnerability scanning
  • Test specific functions or features
  • Evaluate your entire application
  • Get continuous results
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Results verified by experts
  • Identify Critical Vulnerabilities
  • Targeted vulnerability testing
  • Test new features
  • Upto

Expert Hacker Insights

Break free from the outdated pentest model with real-time and continuous security testing to ensure you're always protected.

Remediate with ease

No need to wait for the final PDF report! View vulnerabilities as soon as they are found and start fixing them today.

Get continuous results

Continually ensure your assets are secure. Get notified instantly of vulnerabilities before hackers find them.

Built by hackers

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Zero false positives

Cut through the noise and get verified vulnerability reports to help you prioritise and fix issues sooner without the fluff.

Meet compliance requirements

Get SOC2, ISO27001, or PCI compliance-ready without the hassle.

Meet compliance requirements

Meet vulnerability scanning and assessment compliance requirements without the hassle.

Test new features

Integrate regular testing into your SDLC with pentesting that's as agile as your team is.

Targeted vulnerability testing

Ensure you're protected against the latest critical vulnerabilities such as Log4j.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Feel free to shoot us a message via live chat!

When it comes to high quality security testing, the one-size-fits-all approach doesn't cut it. To address this at scale we use credits as a standardised unit of work effort required. Credits allow you to consistently scope assessments and ensure thorough coverage of your assets regardless of their size. When you purchase security testing credits your entire team gets access to our real-time testing platform, continuous security scanning, on-demand pentration testing, and free remediation testing for all identified vulnerabilities.
A Vulnerability Assessment is a process for continually identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses through the use of automated scanning tools. A Penetration Test is an on-demand test that mimics a real-world cyber attack using the same tools and techniques that modern adversaries use.
You can request remediation testing at any time through the platform. Once a patch is in place simply open the finding page and select "Request Remediation Test". Remediation testing is offered for a period of 1 year from the start date of your pentest or vulnerability assessment.
Yes! We can fulfil regular interval vulnerability scanning and annual penetration testing requirements needed for compliance. Schedule an intro call with our team to learn more about how we can help you stay compliant.
We offer a full range of pentesting for a variety of targets including web applications, mobile and desktop applications, APIs, internal and external networks and cloud services.
Yes! In addition to being able to view vulnerability findings in real-time on our dashboard, we also provide an always up-to-date PDF report that details all testing activity and finding statuses.
No, credits are non-refundable. Credits must be redeemed for services within 1 year of purchase. If an issue arises that prevents delivery of services you may contact us to discuss your options in accordance with our Terms of Service.
We can offer volume discounts on purchases of 15 credits or more. Please contact us to discuss your needs.
We accept a variety of payment methods including direct debit, ACH Debit, PAD, and Interac e-transfer. We use GoCardless and Wise for payment processing and can accept payments from most regions.

A proven track record.

With decades of collective experience writing and securing software, we have proven we have what it takes and continually deliver high quality results through offensive security testing, pentest automation, and expert driven insights.

Pentests Performed
Vulnerabilities Discovered
Happy Clients


I worked with GlitchSecure as part of Assembly's first PenTest. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them. The test deeply covered all the required aspects and communication was stellar. Would definitely recommend GlitchSecure.

Fernando Martin
Fernando Martin
VP of Engineering, Assembly.

It was a pleasure to work with Jade and their team. They were thorough, detailed in their report and supplied insightful recommendations. They also promptly answered our questions and tested our remediations measure just as quickly. Working with them was a very positive experience overall.

Need a vulnerability scan or pentest? Get expert hackers on your side. Learn how we can start improving your security posture together.