Uncomplicated Security Pricing

Our simple pricing enables you to plan and launch security testing that is tailored to your exact scope and coverage needs throughout the year.


Security Testing

Starting at
$6,600 /yr

Get recurring automated security testing of your web application or network to identify vulnerabilities before attackers find them.

  • Continuous security testing

  • Manual hacker-powered testing

  • Verified by expert hackers

  • Zero false positives

  • Ongoing security advice

  • Meet some compliance requirements

  • Free hacker-powered remediation testing

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Penetration Testing

Starting at
$13,200 /yr

Get an in-depth and targeted look at your security posture through a hacker-powered full scope penetration test.

  • Continuous security testing

  • Manual hacker-powered testing

  • Simulate cyber attacks

  • Zero false positives

  • Ongoing security advice

  • Meet all compliance requirements

  • Free hacker-powered remediation testing

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All plans billed annually. Prices are in USD unless otherwise stated.

Expert Hacker Insights

Break free from the outdated pentest model with real-time and continuous security testing to ensure you're always protected.

Remediate with ease

No need to wait for the final PDF report! View vulnerabilities as soon as they are found and start fixing them today.

Get continuous results

Continually ensure your assets are secure. Get notified instantly of vulnerabilities before attackers find them.

Zero false positives

Cut through the noise and get verified vulnerability reports to help you prioritise and fix issues sooner without the fluff.

Meet compliance requirements

Exceed security requirements and get SOC2, ISO27001, or PCI compliance-ready without the hassle.

Test new features

Integrate regular testing into your SDLC with pentesting that's as agile as your team is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Feel free to book a call or shoot us an email!

Continuous Security Testing is a process for continually identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses through the use of automated scanning tools and hacker-powered verification, sometimes refered to as a vulnerability assessment. A Penetration Test is an on-demand test that mimics a real-world cyber attack using the same tools and techniques that modern adversaries use.
You can request remediation testing at any time through the platform. Once a patch is in place simply open the finding page and select "Request Remediation Test". Remediation testing is offered for a period of 1 year from the start date of your pentest or vulnerability assessment.
Yes! We can fulfil regular interval vulnerability scanning and annual penetration testing requirements needed for compliance. Schedule an intro call with our team to learn more about how we can help you stay compliant.
We offer a full range of automated Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) for a variety of targets including web applications, mobile and desktop applications, APIs, internal and external networks and cloud services.
Yes! In addition to being able to view vulnerability findings in real-time on our dashboard, we also provide an always up-to-date PDF report that details all testing activity and finding statuses.
We can offer volume discounts on vulnerability assessments of 15 targets or more. Please contact us to discuss your needs.
We accept a variety of payment methods including ACH Debit and Pre Authorized Debit (PAD). We use GoCardless and Vault for payment processing and can accept payments from most regions.
Additionally we are happy to invoice in both USD and CAD using a set exchange rate.

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