Real-time Security Assessments & Penetration Testing

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Assess your security posture instantly. Collaborate with our expert security researchers to find and remediate vulnerabilities in your applications and networks today.

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Our Process

How we're different

We use a hybrid approach that combines manual testing performed by experts, a real-time reporting dashboard, and automation to deliver high quality results.

Manual Pentesting

Our dedicated team of experts work with you to properly scope the assessment and perform an indepth penetration test and review of your applications and networks.

Assessment Automation

We use a unique set of in-house tools to automatically discover vulnerabilities, enhance our workflow, and augment our testing practices to deliver quality at speed.

Real-time Collaboration

Pentest findings are delivered to you in real-time on our collaborative dashboard. Get instant insight into the progress of the assessment.

Get actionable results. Instantly.

No more waiting for outdated PDF reports and spreadsheets. We report security vulnerabilities to you instantly using our real-time dashboard. View technical details, triage reports, schedule remediation testing, and collaborate with our security team using the GlitchSecure platform.

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Expert advice in real-time.

Our dedicated security experts are available throughout the assessment period to provide advice and help you along the way. We'll work with you to triaging findings, understand technical details, and ensure vulnerabilities are correctly mitigated.

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